Friday 29 March 2013

Almost home, lambs and the difference

We made it until Connecticut. The temperatures are fine, considered being in the northern hemisphere.
Jeri suggested long pants and coat. We did, we did. Long johns, mittens and the whole stuff. Down in Tennessee.
It isn't that bad here. High 51 F (11 C), night 39 F(4). Not too bad at all.
But there was LOTS of traffic today, the beginning of  the Easter Weekend.
What's left - 8 hours driving.
Boy, am I glad when it is over.

Before we left this morning, I visited the barn at our friends in Pennsylvania. There had a bunch of new born lambs. So cute!
One lost its mother and followed L. all over the place. It was waiting for his bottle of milk!

Look at this. What a difference to last year!
March 2013
same spot March 2012
March 2013
March 2012

When I reflect on the whole thing - it is pretty nuts.
Some people just go 2 or 3 hours to their destination. Some go a day. in Europe that would be the maximum. SO far away.
But we need to cross a whole CONTINENT to find our favourite spot. Not once, no - twice a year.
But what would life be if you cannot go a little bit nuts? At least it's a positive "nuts" compared to some guy in N. K. who is playing warmonger.

Dinner, just a walk around in my fridge. Rice, leftover roasted chicken, carrots and cauliflower. Topped with some cheese.


  1. Dinner looks wonderful. That little lamb is so cute. I'd love to live on a farm with animals like sheep, goats, chickens, etc.

    I'm glad you're almost home. That's quite a drive back and forth each year, but I do love boon docking in the desert, so I think it would be worth it. :)

  2. Well, we made it "home" today. It's much earlier than planned but that's the way it goes and it feels real good. I'm sure we'll be getting those long johns and socks out before summer gets here.

  3. We all have places we love to go to and we love that southern California area too. Just so far away.

  4. There is something so angelic about a baby lamb.


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