Monday 22 April 2013

Beetle, Flounder and Texas

The weather was nice and sunny for a change, though the temperatures were not much above 41 F (5 C). I thought I should do some work on my flower beds.
Yours truly enjoying garden work
As always when I am close to the ground things capture my eye.
A water droplet glittering between the leaves of a budding Tulip
Water between Tulip leaves
and, a metallic ground beetle. They are working during the night and eating slugs and similar stuff. I swiftly put some dirt over him. Back to work! I hope he was about to eat the larvae you can see behind him when I disturbed.
some kind of Chlaenius, male
There was no need for me to cook today. My dear husband went to town for groceries and he came back with flounder. Now, he grew up on the shores of the Baltic Sea, so he could do it better than me.
Our dinner today: flounder fried in butter, topped with crisp bacon.
Dessert: strawberries - a taste of summer.

You see, there was not much happening, but there is always something going on.

Otherwise, there is a new chapter out from our travels in 2006. I started to publish February: here. We went from Big Bend National Park, TX all the way to Port Aransas, TX.


  1. My dear Bea in the garden. Her favorite spot!

  2. I just couldn't even begin to imagine what "beetle flounder" was until I read the whole story :)

  3. Oh the flounder looks so tasty!
    You can let him cook his specialties and you yours.


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