Tuesday 23 April 2013

Distracted from cleaning the windows

The day was somewhat sunny when I started domestic work: window cleaning. UGH.
The long winter left the windows covered with a thin film of salt grime from the sea and it showed in the sunshine! No way to get around the task.
I did the living room windows first.

Then I got distracted. :))
An inspiration hit me when I looked at this piece of driftwood I recently gathered on the beach.
It would become a simple DIY bird feeder! A feeder that I could place closer to one of the newly cleaned windows. 

A long nail was placed in the middle of the wool, a parasol pole was banged into the ground - Tadaa!
I had a new feeder.

This encouraged me to make another feeder. A terracotta flower pot saucer, some strings and an discarded basket. Another hanging DIY hanging bird feeder.

While I filled it with some black sunflower seeds the first curious chickadee circled already around.
A minute later I was inside and behind the camera.
There - the first guest was already contemplating the food offerings!
Now I just have to wait and see what other guests will come.


  1. It's much more fun to collect driftwood than clean windows!

  2. Its amazing what things you can find to do when a not fun job crops up. Being pretty creative there.


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