Saturday 18 May 2013

A fearless buzzer

Sorry, all you hungry people! There is no posting about food today either. I am addicted to birding for the time being....LOL

Here we go:
Yesterday, several hummingbirds were fighting fiercely around the sole feeder at the kitchen window. To put an end to the stress I put up two more around in our garden.
While doing so one of the birds constantly buzzed around my head. I thought that maybe I could get that fearless "bugger" on the screen, and I did.
First he checked out the feeder. 
..see the droplet of sugar-water on the bill...
Then he sat about 4 feet away on a branch and watched me all the time while I was taking photos of him.
.. checking if  anyone is watching me..
OK, maybe I should show off a little bit for this nice female...
What a wonderful opportunity this was for me.
Thank you little bird!
Nikon 3100 DX, 55-200  mm lens, autofocus, multiple shots, hand held.
I guess it is a Ruby-throated-hummingbird, male, because I read that they are the only ones that are breeding up here in North-East America.


  1. Bea, he is just beautiful, and you've got the neck just perfect. It's so brilliant. You're going to enjoy having three feeders, I'll bet.

  2. Excellent photos today, thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love your photos. I love watching the little hummingbirds we have here. We put of 3 feeders too but they are zooming all over the place including right by our ear. They fight over the same feeder and then eventually find another. What fun!! I guess we're just easy to entertain!


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