Sunday 29 September 2013

Fall Impressions - Contentedness

I love the early fall. It is my favourite season. The weather turned to cooler nights, the sun shines at a lower angle that gives a better quality to the colours.
Wild Asters
Calm winds, the deep blue of the water and sky.
Shipwreck Rocks
Red and orange shines up between the green foliage.
Our Back Road
Maple leaves are turning yellow and orange
Virginia Creeper hugging a power pole ...
... went rampant into the adjoining meadow
Today it was actually so warm during the afternoon hours that we were walking around in shorts.
We are enjoying the last warm days before the weather turns nasty. Maybe another week or two...
Mountain Ash show red berry clusters
The last tomatoes are ripening in the kitchen. Some are still hanging in the wines outside in my garden. Good covered up against the chill of the night.
Late evening sun shines through the window on the wall in our sitting room.
Everything breezes contentedness.

(I like that word. I looked it up...:))


  1. Beautiful pictures and I like the word contentedness too. You can feel that looking at your pictures.

  2. More wonderful fall pictures, thanks for sharing.


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