Friday 27 September 2013

Pickled Baby Corn and Nature's Work

I guessed right, the corn this year is not gonna get big and ripe in time. The best thing to do is to harvest the tender baby corn and pickle them like cucumber. My father did that, I remember, and they turned out very good. 
The smallest corn with the still soft core are best. Boil them for about 10 minutes in a brine made of water,  vinegar, sugar and herbs.
I used the leftover brine of an empty jar of "bread and butter chips".
 Within a couple of weeks they will be delicious.
This way nothing goes to waste!

When we walked the beach today I was amazed how it got changed from last year.
Sand is gone at one place and has piled up at another.
A collage shows the difference. The photos on the right are taken last year, the ones to the left are taken today.

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