Thursday, 12 December 2013

Ice cold and beautiful

For all of you sitting in the desert or other places nice and warm: think about what you are missing! 
Crisp cold air and bright sunshine. Cool, white snow.....
Lots of fun - or?
Well, while we are still here, why not making the BEST out of it?
Driving to the park I saw "Santa and his Reindeer" riding through a yard, nicely illuminated by the afternoon sunshine. 
Kind of funny.

On our way to the trailhead there were these tracks on the snowy road! 
Santa's foot prints?
Wouldn't it be nice?
 What an opportunity!
Unfortunately, it was not Santa.
Just J.P. and Molly walking ahead.
You come?
Wait a sec. - I have to take some photo first.
These blue patches on the ice look kind of intriguing....

OK, we'll go ahead and wait for you near 
Gibraltar Rock.
The "Thinker"
How many years may this rock have been laying here?
My guess, since the last ice age.
A half frozen, small creek
Beautiful - glittering ice decorating the tip of a spruce tree.
And if you wonder what I carry in the bag, it is fallen-off birch bark.
Excellent help for lightening up a fire in the wood stove.

Thanks for walking with us, stay warm and safe where ever you are!


  1. Thanks for the nice country walk through the bush, wonderful winter pictures.

  2. There's something about cold crisp snow, and the glint of the sun.
    Molly must be having a wonderful time. Keeping warm is all a matter of choosing the right coat, and she has hers on the whole time, so it must be just about right for her.

    1. She is definitely a cold country dog, born in January in Alberta. She spent her first 3 month outside with lots of snow and in -40 °C. Her owner didn't like dogs inside. Molly slept in the chicken house in thick straw under a heating lamp. First after she became our "baby" we changed here into an indoor dog.


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