Friday, 12 September 2014

Bread machine II

It was a weird bread that I made the other day. (Laughing)
That's for sure, "Wil".
But, I did it all after the manual.
Liquid and butter first, then the flour and at last the yeast. Shut the lid and pressed the start button.
Maybe it was programmed the wrong way??? It must be that, there is
no other explanation.

Today I had another go. Just to make sure that it is do-able.

This time I didn't go after the manual.
I mixed the flour and the dry yeast first, poured the liquid in and gave it a few rounds with the spoon. After that I filled the dough into the bread machine and choose the setting:
basic white, medium.

3 hours later: Tada!
A nice bread. A little weird form, but very tasty.

I am not a big bread eater, but I like this bread better than the ones you usually buy in store. They are all way to fluffy and soft for my taste. Just "Air" and no substance.
And the bread machine take the job of kneading! That's the one which stops me from baking my own bread more often. So, when I got the opportunity to try a friends bread machine, I did. Now I know what I would get if I wanted to buy my own.

Best would be if I could make my own sour dough rye bread.
Maybe I do that once in the future......


  1. Now, that's more like it. My hat is off to you, Bea. That's a loaf of bread. Still not sure what the previous malignancy was about. ;)

  2. We used our bread machine when we had our house , but it has since gone away.
    Nothing quite like fresh baked bread.

  3. Yum - love the smell and taste of homemade bread! But I'm lazy so usually buy it from the Amish!


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