Tuesday 29 April 2014

Another day, another year.

What's going on over here? Not so much I am afraid. No garden work yet.
I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards as part of my spring cleaning plan.
It was not hard to surrender to the Molly's plea for a walk.
Cannot even imagine that this view today.....
....will change into this, in about 6 weeks.
But I hope it will happen....!!!!
This was the cake I was treated to today. My very good friends invited me over for a delicious lunch followed by almond coffee and chocolate truffle cake. Thank you very much indeed!
Apropos to:

Rick and Kathy Rousseau has left a new comment on your post "Just a sigh.":
Thank you! I had a great day.

That's what I thought too, that Blogger is the culprit.

Nan Talley
No, I didn't know that Robins are the only ones that can pull a worm in one piece! Amazing. Thanks for sharing that with me too.

Desert Diva has left a new comment on your post "Just a sigh.":
Thank you for your advices. I checked them out. Red-sweater is for Mac's that are younger than mine.
For ecto I couldn't find any recent reviews. Only until 2009, so I was not sure about that.
Other suggestions seemed too complicated for me.
In general, I am very reluctant to install new things because I am not sure if my old Mac has enough space to
store all that new fancy stuff. I would probably have to expand it's capacity first.

I went into my Template, but could only find out that I had to go into HTLM to get a "reply" function inserted.
That is too complicated for me.
I think, I have to go on as  before.
Rather safe than sorry! :)))


  1. Definitely a gorgeous view! Love the spring flowers and, of course, your self photo of cleaning out the shelves and Molly wondering where Dad is at.

  2. Soon you will be out in the garden, thats cakes does look yummy.


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