Sunday, 30 March 2014

Today's photos - I-80

We got through Ohio and Indiana in bright sunshine.
 Even Molly could enjoy a break, looking for mice.
 So far we have dodged the snow, but in Pennsylvania 
we finally run out of luck.
 Even Molly had some problems when going for her break.
But, we made it safely to a Motel along the I-80 before the
showers of snow and sleet took over.

Here is the "search photo" of the day.

Gazing at the passing landscape  -
I saw.... ?
 Didn't see it?
Here - look within the red rings..
 Yep, deer, very good camouflaged. :)) 
lens: 55mm, autofocus, rapid frames, cropped.

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  1. Hmm I thought I saw a deer and two calves lying down.....


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