Monday 7 July 2014

BACK- after power outage!

Hi - I am back again! What an experience. Two days without power, phone and internet. Camping life.
The storm hit the island pretty bad and there is a lot of damage all around. 
I just got online to send signs of being alive and unharmed in all kind of directions. 
It started out Saturday around noon when the wind got worse and worse. I watched as a spruce tree came down onto a neighbours deck.
Later, I had to go to the motel and took these shots... 
(Click on the photos for bigger images.)
A tree over the power line took fire
That one cut the power in our area for two days!
A tree partially on the road.
Sunday I toured the Island. Wilsons Beach was hardest hit. The photos speak for themselves.

Down near Mulholland Lighthouse.
Luckily our house had no damages. Some water came in through a door, and a wind protection came down. Lots of leafs on the ground and branches off the trees. I am really happy that nothing more happened here, compared. They say this was the worst in over 50 years. The park, golf course and campground are/were closed because of trees all over the roads. Now we have get back to normal.
Had to live camping style for two days.
But, what the h...! It is over.
Now it's time for a hot shower!!!
I hope all the other hurricanes go somewhere else. I had enough!

Video clip: see here:


  1. You were really lucky. Glad you're fine and had no major damage.

  2. Soooo many trees down....good thing it is over for now.

  3. Thanks for checking in, glad to hear you are fine, and no damage done to your house.

  4. Nice to see you're alright. It's always such a shame when big trees go down. Took so many years to grow them, then in one night they're finished.

  5. Arthur gave us much needed rain for the farm crops drying up as it passed by us here at our summer home in Delaware. We had wind but no trees down. So glad you didn't have extreme damage at your home there.

  6. Oh my goodness! We are so glad you are ok, and also glad we missed the storm! I bet Molly was pretty nervous.


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