Saturday 10 January 2015

Contemplating drops of water

What does one do when one has a day off?
It is cold outside and you are bound to stay inside? 
Clean, cook, read, or what?

Gaze out the window.
Watch the water droplets 
make their way down the window pane.
It is actually interesting
if you look closer, 
turn it upside down, 
you will see that the droplets are

 reflecing the outside: blue sky,snow, trees.
they are chasing each other,
 melting into another
on their way down the glass.
Clear like diamonds.
Time ticked away
and I realized something else!

The sun set has moved towards the north!
I used to set right behind that 5-wheel,
now it is to the right of it.
January 10
We are definitely going towards SPING! YEEAAA!
Molly thought that all was:
a case of ZZZZZZZ.
My guess is: You probably think the same.

I had this "problem" already as a child, in school.
Nature would capture my attention and
keep me from the paying attention.

That got me some remarks like:
"Beatrix is easily distracted, 
she is watching the clouds!"
Maybe it was the teacher's fault?
Didn't make the lesson captive enough.


  1. Awesome pictures, who ever knew water drops could be so interesting!

    1. Thanks George, I appreciate that you take your time to answer my ramblings. I know you are having a serious stretch of driving ahead of you and probably more serious things to tackle than posting a comment.


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