Thursday 15 January 2015

It started out like this...

I wasn't supposed to write about birds again.
It started out like this:

I was about to go through some photos that I shot the other day, 
and selecting what I could use for a fresh posting.

Towards the East, a gorgeous sunrise 
in shades of orange and yellow.
Towards the West, a gazebo in the early morning light.
Al lavender and pink.
Or, this bicycle leaning against a tree.

Abandoned, in the grip of winter. 
Waiting for spring and summer to come.
Sitting in front of my laptop, I had just started out on this posting,
when I suddenly,
 out of the corner of my eye,
something in motion!

And here we go again - BIRDS!

 Weren't these elusive chickens just
walking by, 

Up I jumped.
Arghhh - where is that camera?
Change lenses ..... Hurry up!
Be quick!

Though I was hampered with a dirty window,

This time I got a closer view at them, compared to last time
The birds did NOT wait for me to get ready.
They had moved on to the next group of trees.
They must be grouse. "Sharp tailed grouse", because

they show a white/grey underbelly and 
(not barred as with prairie chickens). 
But it's just me guessing.

 Amazing how perfect their grey, brown and rusty colouring 
blends in with the bark of the tree!

Well, that's the way it ended. 

As I said the other day:
Easily distracted!

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