Wednesday 30 May 2012

Were did the years go?

Another Cake Day.

To celebrate time that has gone by.

So young - so full of dreams.
Some came true, others didn't.
Time seemed endless in those days.
Different continents opened up, new cultures and languages.
Countless experiences and adventures were mastered.
Lots of travelling done.
Precious moments,
happy ones,
and sad ones.
Losses -
made us realize how little time we actually have,
before everything becomes a memory in time.
May 30, 1987, Norway


  1. So little says so much. Nice blog. Time certainly flies.

  2. What a cute couple you are. I'm interested in learning more about the chapel you're at. Where is it?

    1. If you want to read more about stave churches.ødven_stave_church

      This church has been there for hundreds of years since the time of the Vikings. I thought it a great background to exchange the wows there. Thinking of how many other couples have been wed there during the flow of time. And we are one of them.
      And it was close to were we used to live.


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