Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The day calls for a soup!

Yesterday I sat for nearly two hours to get some footing of a humming bird on my video camera. The tiny bird arrived in intervals of 10 minutes and it stayed for about 3 - 4 seconds at the feeder to drink. That is barely enough time to hit the "record" button and get the camera going. There was no sunshine but I got several shots done. You can see a short clip here. At least he tries to get it in today......
Or try if mine works. It is about 1,5 MB big.

The day today called for a soup again. Grey and cool, that's the weather when I feel that we need something warm and comforting.
I raided the fridge and combined. A dish of rice on the side completed the whole.

Now I have to go out and cover my garden. There are thunderstorms in the forecast!
borrowed from The Weather
For the recipe of this soup go here.


  1. Pictures of hummingbirds are very hard to get. At least the good ones are. I never thought about putting my video camera up and then taking pictures from that. However, I'm certainly going to try when we get someplace we can put those feeders back up. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love making soup on a chilly day. It warms up the house and gives you something wonderful to look forward to.


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