Friday, 12 October 2012

Gale force winds and haddock

Seems that I didn't push the right button. At least this posting was still a draft today. OK, now!
All day the wind was strong out of the West, the waters of the bay all deep blue and with white caps.
Now I know why many "Islanders" choose their houses well hidden behind thick rows of trees and brush. Wind-breakers.
Lucky that our house is not sitting exposed on the beach either. When I walked my dog up towards the cemetery and in lee of the wind it was nice and warm in the sunshine. We should have two houses , I mused. One on the beach for the summer and one hidden in dense woods protected from the winter gales.
J.P. went to town today and returned with fresh fish. When time came for supper I made butter-fried, breaded haddock and mashed potatoes. Comfort food.

The fish was turned in scrambled eggs and then in bread crumbs before fried in butter. Delicious!


  1. yesterday your husband spoke of your mashed potatoes and cabbage in white gravy.... I went to your web page but alas, it said your page wasn't available :( Can you please tell me how you make your mashed potatoes and cabbage and white gravy? Thank you so much.
    Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  2. That's a new way of serving fish! My mom would roll fish filets in egg and then corn meal and fry them. I never liked it very much. Your mixture looks very appetizing!


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