Sunday, 23 March 2014

I-15 Nevada and Utah

Today we rode I-15 through Nevada into Utah.
This will be the last day enjoying the warm desert 
 Higher and higher we went through the
Virgin River Gorge. This is a spectacular drive, either
way, with the towering walls and the river meandering 
in the bottom. 
 Virgin River with blooming Tamarisk on the banks
 Towering walls enclosing us all around.

Later the colours changed to more reddish hues.
The hallmark of Utah.

 These suburbs blend nicely in with the natural colours.
Good planning! 
Partly cloudy conditions make the mountains
more colourful.
A glimpse over towards Zion National Park.
The snow covered mountain range is 
coming closer and closer.
I checked the weather forecast this evening.
 Up to Idaho we will still have somewhat cool weather, 
but from Montana on towards Canada 
 "temps" will be downright frigid.

Time to change shorts and T-shirt 
for "longjohns" and a warm sweater!
Am I looking forward to it? Not at all.

I hope you enjoyed my view of the day!

PS: Shot with this camera setting:
automatic, moving objects, rapid frames
sometimes I opened the window, 
sometimes I didn't.


  1. You are right the weather hasn't turned warm yet up north. Thank goodness you still have those long johns handy. Great photos!

  2. Hope you keep warm, we will be staying further south for a while longer.

  3. Great photos, especially given the conditions. Very cool how that suburb blends in with the hillside. Well done! Stay warm--glad you have your long johns handy!

  4. Just beautiful! Utah has such wonderful colors and mountains and vistas. UGG to the colder weather. Soon it will warm up, though, and the shorts will come out again. :)


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