Saturday 23 March 2013

Arkansas, March 2013

We nearly made it across Arkansas. Parking in Wally-Mart in Arkansas was not an option, at least not along the I-40. All the Marts we checked out didn't want big rigs to stay overnight. Some of the real rest areas even said: 2 hours parking only! Others were too cramped or very uneven. Nothing compared to the wide open spaces we know from the West.
Soggy fields in Arkansas, compared to Oklahoma

 few patches with trees in bloom
and three Google camera cars passing by.
There are two spots which are recommendable. A rest area near mm 33, Ozark and near mm 235, Palestine, areas we already checked out last year. Nice spots with lots of oak trees and (for Molly) squirrels.
Here a squirrel....
...there a squirrel...
Mom, let's go hunting, pleeeesase!
 "Overnight camping only" the sign said. That's fine with us.

Today we had beef stew on rice. The original idea was to have the beef ribs grilled, but the "chef de grille" did go on strike: it rained =  no grill.
Luckily I did the stew last night, it only needed to be heated up again for today's dinner.
beef ribs became....

beef stew
Tomorrow we have a marathon day ahead. No overnight stays allowed on Tennessee's rest areas and truck stops usually are too noisy.

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