Monday, 18 March 2013

Heated motor and cool mountain air

From the flats of California to the mountains east of Phoenix, AZ, we
changed the heat for fresh cool mountain air.
Though we didn't make it all the way to Globe, AZ as planned.
The day started OK but then the trip got a little "nerve racking", but we are safe and sound. Going up the mountain our van overheated and we had to stop and cool the engine at a very scary turnout. (read his input for March 17th)
Hubby and a police officer near the ravine
the spot where a motorhome burned last night

and still smoking where it went down
A heated discussion followed. I wanted to turn around asap, but hubby wanted to press on to Roosevelt Lake. "MEN!":((
Luckily we found a campground close by where we stopped and hooked off our
camper trailer and the van got a break to cool off.

A fellow camper told us that this mountain road causes a lot of trouble for many travellers because of the long and steep incline.
So, tomorrow we will be off to Roosevelt Lake and the Apache Trail for a day trip.
Off course without the camper trailer.

Our spot for the next few nights

I tell ya, it happens not often, but today I needed a beer!

After a quick dinner of shepherds pie and a mixed veggie salad I am ready
for a long good sleep.

That should not be a problem, it is quite cooler up here than in the desert.


  1. That sounds scarey - I'm glad you are both safe and sound. Nice looking campsite!

  2. Okay ... I just left a comment and it went away ?? Here's hoping the rest of your trip is uneventful.

  3. Yes, Men! They always know best, hey?!
    Glad y'all are safe!


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