Thursday 8 August 2013

Cookie Stampede

Last summer we participated for the first time in sponsoring for snacks at the event of "SUMMER KEYS" in Lubec, ME.

During the summer month B&B's, small businesses and private donors sponsors provide snacks for the intermission between the musical performances. In return they may advertise their enterprises for free.

This year we were scheduled for August the 7th.

Usually there are about 150/ 200 visitors.
The requirement:
KEEP it SIMPLE. It is only a SNACK. Not a meal.
The sponsor has to provide 30 to 40 dozen cookies /snacks and 10 - 15 l with drinks (2,6 - 3,9 gal).

This time I started out with plain peanut butter cookies.....
 and two banana bread (the "caretaker's" favourite recipe)....
and ended up with about 400 pieces of:

Peanutbutter Cookies
Banana Bread slices,
Mississippi Mud,
Chocolate-Butterfinger-Drop cookies,
Thumbprint Cookies with jam (Apricot, Raspberry and Mint)
and Cheddar Cheese cookies with Thyme.

Friends of ours, Charly and Chris, provided delicious Brushettas with pesto, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and huge plate with Peanutbutter Fudge.
40 dozen pieces doesn't look like it is enough...
 Of course we were ready for the thirsty crowd too....
I wanted to take photos of the crowd, but I was so busy when they stampeded in that I hadn't a chance in the world!
They crowded around the table and eyed the goods.
Kind of funny to watch. Will they like it?

For the cookies:
Some 10 pieces of peanut butter cookies lay forlorn on a plate when the light started to blink and people left for the second half of the performance.
My hubby gathered some fudge crumbs from the empty plate and told Charly: "MMMhh, your fudge is really tasty!" Charly laughed, turned and asked me: "Do you want some crumbs too?"
We had a good laugh.

Within 10 minutes we had gathered the garbage and were on our way home.
I would say: For the cookies - full success.
For the promotion: questionable.


  1. Mmmm. Everything looked great. I need to get me some more bananas....

  2. Did you freeze any? Peanut butter cookies are my favorites.

    1. Freeze what? There was NOTHING left --- for ME!

    2. Maybe should have set a few aside ahead of time.
      Sure kept you busy thou.

  3. The cookies look delicious - what a lot of work! Between the cost of the ingredients and the time you put in, I hope it will be a successful event for you. Funny thing, though, even if it isn't, new customers may come next year or the next. You just never know - and at least you got the advertisement out there.


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