Tuesday 15 October 2013

Come, let's go for a hike!

The weather holds up to be gorgeous. It is just that the temperatures at night keep dipping. I mowed the lawn around our house once more. The grass is still green and growing, though slow.

Since we had two nights that dropped to the freezing point I took my gladiola corms out of the ground and prepared them for winter storage.
Hopefully they will survive until next spring.
That was yesterday.
Today my friend and I did another hike in the park.

It shows clearly how the colours are changing and how fast the leaves are coming down now.
This was taken 6 days ago

This was taken today

This time I had only the 200mm lens, but I can show you what we saw, though a little blurry.
View over the Bay of Fund from Raccon Beach with the ferry to Grand Manan at the horizon and seals on the rocks in the front.

Ferry to Grand Manan

Seals in on the rocks

We went to from Racoon Beach to Liberty Point, the southern most point of the island.

Molly leads us right up to the platform to get the grand view over the waters.

There was no wind, glassy water and a balmy air. Seal were sunning themselves on the rocks, eider ducks drifted on the water and an eagle soared over our heads.

Grand Manan at the horizon, eider ducks up front. It takes a good eye to see them, but with a little help...

Fishing boats were out trawling around, Grand Manan in the background

Back home waited good size piece of cake and a hot cup of coffee for us as a reward for our agility.

This is an oatmeal, blueberry, walnut crumble that my friend backed for us. I have asked for the recipe because it was VERY good.

Thanks for following us on the hike. Too bad you could drop in for the cake as well!

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