Friday, 11 October 2013

Corn stalks and tree trimming

What do these two photos have in common?

St. Anne's Anglican Church, built in 1855


... my vegetable garden plot.

The answer: Corn stalks

A photo of my garden plot before I took the corn down.
Today a friend of mine came by to pick the stalks up.

This Sunday Canadians celebrate their "Thanksgiving",
and my humble corn stalks shall help decorate the local church.

Later my friend invited me over to show off how it looked like.
(I will not be able to see it on Sunday as I will be off to work.)
Some stalks adorn the entrance
 Beautiful fall leafs brighten up this small church
A few stalks are combined into a nice arrangement
Good Job, Rogette!

After that I started to trim our ancient apple tree.
  The tree had grown wild for many years and I decided that a third of the branches had to come down to bring air and light into the crown.
Also, it will be easier to reach up to the apples come next fall.
J.P. took his chain saw to cut the biggest branches into firewood.
All in all a busy day. 
The temperatures were up to 66°F (19 °C) in the afternoon. We were able to enjoy lunch and dinner outside on the deck.
Hubby did the dinner job and cooked up a concoction with black beans, tomatoes and BANANAS. 
I might write this recipe down one of these days because it was surprisingly good! :))

Gone are the corn stalks. Now are just Cosmos and Calendula to brighten the garden until the frost takes them down as well.

Stay tuned.


  1. You have been busy, Thats sure sounds like an interesting meal.

  2. Your church is beautiful, and how nice that your stalks helped decorate it for Thanksgiving. That's really nice. The apple tree looks good. It was more a "bush" before. What a job! :)


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