Wednesday, 16 October 2013

You think you are popular?

Think twice.
I just found out that there are bad sources crawling all over your postings and it looks like as if your blog is getting more readers.

This guy explains it really good.

If you see something like zombiestate or vampirestate or ad watchdog DON'T click on them.

The bad thing you cannot stop them from doing so:((

Another thing. My Macbook started as per day to beep a single beep randomly. Ca every hour.
Any suggestions. It is not Skype.

What else:
It started to rain today. Long time no see.
My dear husband took over in the kitchen department and produced pork stew with rice.
When I asked where are the vegetables? The answer was: there are tomatoes, onion and bananas in the sauce....:))

That was it for today. Lazy Wednesday.


  1. Looks like he made an awesome meal for you all in one!

  2. The stew and rice looks delicious!

    I had that same problem, a beeping noise suddenly started coming from my computer and I couldn't figure out what it was. Of course, I was worried and thought it was starting to fail - AGAIN. I started closing screens, and it turned out to be the new timer I had installed and set for 90 minutes. It was the alarm telling me 90 minutes was up. Whew! Sure scared me, though. I hope you find out what your beep is, and that it's not anything wrong. :)

    1. I rested the PC today and it only beeped once at 8:51 AM. So far so good.

  3. I have checked my stats for several days and the weird visitors are gone! May page visits are back to normal.
    Maybe "blogspot" admin has eliminated them. That would be a good thing! Yeaay!


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