Monday, 24 March 2014

Calves and Clouds along I-15

The morning started out bright and cold 34°F but warming up to 54 °F. (1 °C /12°C)
When we turned out of the state park I watched a couple of calves 
frolicking among the sage brushes.
 It looked like one was calling to the other to "hurry up - breakfast is ready"!
And soon a whole bunch of "youngsters" were galloping towards the fresh hay.
Young calves and lambs are sure sign that spring is not
too far away. Other signs:
 Willow tree branches are turning yellow.
Or is this all "wish-thinking"?
Towering, snow capped mountains frame the area around Salt Lake City, UT. 
A view of the sky line 
and on to "man-made" mountains.
Contrasting views
Another occupation was to observe the clouds in the sky. 
The morning started out with mostly cloud free skies.
Around noon there were lots of cumulus clouds over the mountains.
In the sky above Marsh Valley 
we saw this "UFO" cloud and 
 other weird cloud formations over the mountain ranges.
When I checked the internet I learned that these clouds are: 

This will probably be the best weather we got for a while, snow is in the forecast.
Tonight's temperatures will plunge down to 27°F (-2.7 °C).

Not too bad considering the temperatures once we get into
Montana. There, we will see a 
HIGH of 27 °F, and a LOW of 12 °F (-12 °C)
Just another 24 hours and we are back in the "freezer".
No wonder we Canadians love the desert so much.
That's for today.


  1. I certainly wouldn't be looking forward to those Montana temperatures. Great pictures and safe travels.

  2. Great photos nice that the snow is in the mountains and not on the roads.


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