Wednesday, 26 March 2014

In and Out - not what you think

Rural Montana on the way towards the Albertan border.
While Peter went into the customs office to do the paper work for the trailer I had plenty of time to watch sparrows doing their home construction. I is amazing where they choose their nesting places.
Definitely adapted to the man made nesting opportunities.
Everything works.
An opening in the siding....
...or behind a sign.
"Is there someone watching me?"
Finally we were back on Canadian soil. 
Hallmark of the prairie - grain storage
Worn out barns or grain bins, and the view for

hours and hours and hours of this...
wide open spaces.


(Peter will have a posting about that.)
After a restful night we woke up 
to an approaching snowstorm. That turn in the weather,
and the forecast for more snow over the weekend, 
made us turn quickly south back into the US - today.
But the snow is following us slowly....:((
Are we able to outrun it?

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