Tuesday 5 August 2014

Changes, always changes

Changes can be sad ones and happy ones.

The other day I rode my bicycle along the water and "lo and behold" they did sell the property and someone plans to build some structure on it.
I was sad because we never will see this view again.
The good news is more of practical nature.

I have always wanted a screened door for the cellar. That way I would be able to leave the door open all day and air the basement without critters having access to it.
I discussed that with Susan and Miada the other day. No problem, they just built themselves a new door for their mini barn.

I had the material and they had the tools out. Half an hours work and
I got my door. Thanks, friends!!!

That's done and now it is time for a dog, specifically a "Sea Dog"....

and a good look at the moon. There are even the craters visible today!


  1. That is a good looking door... and my favorite beer!

  2. Nice job on your screen door, and a great way to wind up the day with a Sea Dog and wonderful moonshot.


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