Monday 4 August 2014

Don't sit here!

That was the sign we had on our IKEA recliner for over a year(!). 
Why's that?
Look and you will understand. 
Quite hazardous to try to relax in that chair. 
Now, since my dear upholsterer/carpenter is far, far away, 
a repair in the near future is not in sight, 
but a visitor is already "on the horizon". 
(Not that we only own that one chair! ;)

What to do? 
DIY! Right.
Among the good things in our small community is 
that there always is someone around who is willing 
to lend a helping hand. 
I asked my employer if I possibly could borrow 
his staple gun for that project.
Not a problem.

And today I tackled the chair.
Tadaaaa! Big smile. 
That is finding happiness in small things.

If I had know how easy that was, 
it could have been done at least a year ago! 
Well, it is never too late, isn't it?

And now the visitor may come.

That's all for the day.

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