Sunday 8 April 2012

Snowy Easter

What a difference a day makes..... So true.
Yesterday the sun shone bright and, the sky was deep blue.
Today we had snowfall and grey clouds all day long.

No matter, Molly and I had our afternoon walk. Lucky Me - I still had my coverall from Norway. Great, kept me warm in the strong cold wind. There is no bad weather, but bad clothing!

After the walk was time again for supper preparations.
Today we had asparagus (asperges), goulash (pork stew)for J.P. and
mashed potatoes. 

I made for myself a comforting vegetable stew.

for norsk tekst, se (read more)
Wie sich ein Tag von dem anderen unterscheiden kann! Gestern noch schönster Sonnenschein und heute Schneegestöber.

Trotzdem haben Molly und ich unseren Nachmittagsspaziergang 
unternommen. Glücklicherweise habe ich noch den Overall von Norwegen der mich gut gegen den eiskalten Wind schützte.
Gut ausgelüftet geht es ab in die Küche. 
Das Abendessen: Spargel mit Schweinegoulasch für den Herrn des Hauses. Die Kartoffeln sind miserabel, sie werden gleich grau wenn sie mit Luft in Kontakt kommen. Deshalb werden sie schnell zu Kartoffelbrei verarbeitet. Ein deftiger Gemüseeintopf stand für mich auf dem Tisch. 

Slik kan de være. Den ene dagen er det bra med solskin og blå himmel, den andere dagen er det snøvær.
Kledt i min norske dress (Wenaas) hadde jeg ingen problemer å takle været. Det blir tur for bikkja og meg.
Etterpå var tiden inne for å lage mat igjen. Idag blir det asparges med potetmus, og svinegryte for gubben. Jeg forsyner meg med en grønnsaksgryte. 


  1. Interesting how you put it about no bad weather but just bad clothing. I'll have to remember that. Asparagus for our family is something special and we all love. It's been interesting to discover with the RV group that isn't the case as most we've found have never had it much and don't particular like. We LOVE asparagus.

    1. Maybe because it gives a certain smell.
      If you want to know more, read the medical part of

      It is a healthy food. We will have it on our meal plan more often.

      Bad clothing: my German grandma used to say that when we didn't want to go
      playing in a drizzle. And there is something to it.
      As soon as you are out and about, it doesn't seem so bad as it looked like.
      And coming back in you feel so invigorated.
      Poor those who hunker down in a chair.


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