Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sniffing out the culprit.

This input is not about food. And because of a very slow internet connection I can use one small photo only.

Sunday, when I talked about having a good nights sleep I was wish thinking. There was no such thing.
Upon entering the bedroom I was assaulted by a sweetish, chemical smell that had not been there before. What could it be? A burned wire in the wall?
My dear husband only scoffed about my complains, he couldn't smell anything.
His suggestion:  it was still some pollution hanging in the air from that burned out motorhome we parked close to for a while before we came to this campsite.
I aired the room properly and it was somewhat better, but not for long.
He went to bed.
I got out in the dark  and opened the small compartment close to my bedside.

Yes, the odour was stronger here, but in the dark, even with a flash light I couldn't make out what it was.
Grumbling, hubby went out as well to have a "look-see", but he couldn't smell anything there either. It had to be all in "my imagination" and HE went to sleep.

Sorry, but I COULD NOT SLEEP with that sweet, cloying, chemical smell wafting around my nose. Could be toxic, couldn't it?
After an hour tossing and turning, I got up and tried to sleep on the couch. That was already occupied by Molly. So, even she didn't want to sleep in the bedroom tonight. NO GOOD!

Early this morning, after breakfast, while hubby walked the dog, I went out again and checked compartments once more, determined to find the reason.
The bigger one under hubby's bed had no smell to it.
The smaller one though, closest to my bed, had.
Out came the water hoses and other stuff he had stored there and -
I found the culprit!
A container with fuel stabilizer that leaked in the heat. Some of the content had soaked a cloth and part of the bedroom carpet that stuck out under the thin wall adjoining the bedroom.
After cleaning up the mess I checked the carpet in the bedroom and sure - the stench was there.
I stuck the bottle and cloth up under my dear husband's nose. NOW he could smell it too! UGH!

In lieu of a carpet cleaner we used shaving foam on the soiled carpet. (Had just read about this trick on a web page some days ago).

Tonight I will finally be able to sleep again, though surrounded by the smell of shaving foam. :))

Imagination - my foot!

After this problem was solved we went of on our adventurous trip to Roosevelt Lake and the Apache Trail.


  1. Glad you found the culprit, hate when that happens.

  2. I can smell things when Terry can't. Glad you found it. Now you'll be able to sleep better tonight.


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