Tuesday 25 March 2014

Up and down, migrating towards the north.

From "potato" country Idaho to the "land of cattle" Montana we rode.
What a stretch!
 Up and up - over 6800 feet (2100 m)
 The weather turned bleak and considerable colder
after we crossed the Monida Pass. 
Mostly grey skies and wintry landscape.
then - down and steep down we went.
 Finally we saw the end of the mountains 
when we crossed the Mississippi River and 
were heading towards Great Falls.
But I saw more signs of spring: migrating birds.
Have you ever tried to take photos through the window 
of a car driving about 70 miles an hour? Challenging, I tell you.
But I got some shots where you can see what I saw.
 Ducks and swans having a break in an ice fee patch of a river.
Look and you will see! Hawks in a tree. :))
As we go north so do the Canada Geese


  1. Regardless of the speed, you did get some great shots!

  2. You're wearing down the miles.

  3. You might even beat those geese home at the rate you are going.


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